Mr. Overton

Mr. Overton

Mr. Overton and his loving wife, Diane, moved to Mount Pleasant from Connecticut almost two years ago for the fresh air and the beach. They are particularly fond of the beach in front of Fort Moultrie and can often be found there. If they aren’t there, you can find the Overtons up the road eating delicious burgers at Poe’s Tavern.

Through unfortunate circumstances, Mr. Overton became sick and needed surgery. He underwent nine different surgeries before ending up at MUSC to recover. After six weeks at MUSC, Mr. Overton transferred to Vibra Hospital of Charleston. It was a breath of fresh air for he and his wife.

Mr. Overton spent several weeks at Vibra participating in physical therapy with “two of the best girls in the world, Heather and Jess.” The progress he made with the help of his "sneaky sons of guns" therapists amazed him. At times, Mr. Overton subconsciously didn’t believe he could meet his goals. But his therapists encouraged him, and pushed him beyond what he thought his body was capable of doing. “The therapists got me walking in two days. I did five yards in a week, and fifteen yards in two.”

Mr. Overton had good things to say about the care he received at Vibra, as well. During his stay, Mr. Overton suffered a breathing event. The responsiveness of the team amazed him. “They had me back to breathing normally very quickly. They really did a good job.”

Through the wonderful care he received at Vibra and the hard work he put into his physical therapy, Mr. Overton is on his way back to where he belongs: on the beach.