Jada R.

Jada R.

Walking home after visiting an area water park, Jada was struck by a passing vehicle. The driver fled, leaving Jada on the side of the road for over an hour. Once found, Jada was intubated and life flighted to Vanderbilt Children’s Hospital in Nashville. She remained in Nashville for three weeks recovering from her injuries.

Once physically capable, Jada admitted to SKY Rehab to begin intensive inpatient therapy. Her care plan included therapies to help her improve ambulation, motor function, and most importantly, her communication and memory. Jada also benefited from the services of SKY’s neuropsychologist, Dr Greg Perri.

“SKY helped me out a lot, from helping me be able to walk and improving my memory,” Jada said.

"Everyone is in their right spot," Jada’s mom, Christina, noted as she reflected on her daughters experience at SKY. "The right people in the right spot means the team treating the patient works like a machine--a well organized machine! Everyone has their own niche, their own gear which makes the whole machine really work well. Everyone at SKY is so nice and they will help you get through whatever trouble you’re dealing with.” Christina went on to note that “even though [Jada's] recovery is at a turtle pace, it’s a pace and she’s doing great. She’s a miracle!”

Jada continues her recovery through the Outpatient Department at SKY. She has been able to return to school and resume some of the activities that she enjoyed prior to the accident.

Recovering from a traumatic brain injury is scary for anyone, but especially so for a teenager and her family. Working with Jada and her family has been a wonderful experience. We are grateful they allowed us to be a part of her recovery!