Zafar I.

Zafar I.

Zafar Iqbal recently underwent a complex abdominal surgery. The surgery resulted in post-operative complications including respiratory failure, pneumonia and infection. This series of events resulted in the need for a tracheostomy and ventilator support. Zafar was still in a very fragile condition. The medical team managing his care felt he needed an extended amount of time for recovery. They recommended a transfer to Vibra Hospital of Richmond for our specialized vent weaning program.

Upon arrival, the interdisciplinary team immediately initiated Vibra’s “Free to Breathe” program. This protocol involves a series of comprehensive medical and pulmonary assessments. These assessments determined Zafar’s plan of care and course of treatment. With a plan in place, the interdisciplinary team went to work with specific goals. The intensivist and respiratory therapy team focused on pulmonary management and ventilator weaning. The hospitalists and specialty physicians engaged with the nursing staff to improve Zafar’s overall medical status.

After weeks of collaborative treatment, Zafar had made significant improvements. He was able to wean from the ventilator and have his tracheostomy tube removed. As he improved, the rehabilitation physician was able to provide recommendations to assist with optimal mobility and function. Physical and occupational therapists collaborated to increase Zafar’s strength and endurance. Speech therapy played a vital role in improving and strengthening Zafar’s swallow function. This cleared him to eat again safely. All teams worked with both Zafar and his family, a critical part of a patient's recovery.

It's our pleasure to share that Mr. Iqbal was able to transition to an inpatient acute rehabilitation program at Johnston-Willis Hospital. On the day of discharge from Vibra, he smiled and posed for his picture. He stated with pride, “I am so thankful for Vibra Hospital.”

Mr. Iqbal, thank you for giving us the opportunity to share your success and to take part in your journey to recovery!