Trisha S.

Trisha S.

Trisha Sanchez's favorite past time was riding her performance dressage horse. As an avid rider, when Trish wasn't traveling or working, she spent much of her free time performing and enjoying her horse. On what appeared to be a typical February day, life changed for Trisha in an instant.

Trisha remembered, “I was on my horse doing warm-up exercises and I slumped and fell off of the horse.”

Her husband, Joe, recalled taking Trisha to a hospital known for trauma injuries. “They thought I may have had a stroke due to the symptoms I was showing," said Trisha, "so they treated me according to how stroke patients are treated."

Shortly thereafter, her condition worsened. The doctor then delivered the terrible news – Trisha suffered a traumatic brain injury. The days after receiving the news of her brain injury were incredibly difficult to endure. Trisha and her family didn’t know what to expect.

After several weeks, Trisha finally transferred to San Joaquin Valley Rehabilitation Hospital. It was there they met Dr. White.

“Dr. White is an amazing doctor who told us about the rehab program for brain injuries,” stated Joe. At SJVRH, Trisha worked with her therapists – Ivar, Redd, Chris, and nurses and therapy aides. “The team’s specialized approach was great,” added Trisha.

Through days of physical, occupational, and speech therapy, Tricia was able to discharge to one of the five outpatient centers at SJVRH. “They are so friendly and truly caring," Trisha said, as she spoke about the outpatient staff. "Russell and Sarah and so many others help me to continue my progress." As Trisha and her husband reflected on their experience, they expressed their sincere appreciation for the rehab team who traveled the rehabilitation journey alongside Trisha.

Today, Trisha is continuing her therapies. She has regained strength, mobility, and endurance. Above all, Trisha has inspired all she has encountered with her positive attitude toward life!