Trish F.

Trish F.

Patricia (Trish), a 50-year-old female, admitted to Vibra Hospital of Sacramento in the beginning of July. She transferred from a local hospital where she received care for a traumatic brain injury. Trish suffered the injury in a head-on motor vehicle collision. She required extraction from her vehicle. Trish also suffered multiple fractures and required intubation for respiratory support. Additionally, she suffered from weakness in her right leg and was unable to move her right arm.

After arrival at Vibra, Physical, Occupational, and Speech Therapy evaluated Trish. Respiratory Therapy began weaning Trish from her trach. She initially was unable to swallow and showed signs of aspiration. Trish also required moderate-to-maximal assistance to mobilize out of bed and was unable to tolerate a lot of activity.

However, Trish progressed quickly. She was soon able to tolerate a speaking valve, and then capping trials. She was able to mobilize out of bed to a chair and began standing and taking steps. With some assistance, Trish was taking care of activities of daily living. Speech Therapy was able to start her on a texture modified diet, then progressed her to a general diet the following week. Her tracheostomy was removed after tolerating capping for multiple days.

Trish was only at Vibra for two weeks. In this short period of time, she was able to regain strength of her right leg, and was able to start moving her right hand. She began walking inside and outside using a hemi-walker to support her right arm. She was able to take part in dressing, grooming, and hygiene. Her activity tolerance significantly improved. Trish discharged to an acute rehab facility for continued intensive rehabilitation.

Trish’s motivation and positive spirit throughout her stay at Vibra were inspiring. Despite whatever challenges came her way, she continuously improved, and remained positive. We wish her all the best at acute rehab and hope she is able to return home to her family soon.