Senior Citizens Day: Celebrating Our Seniors

Senior Citizens Day: Celebrating Our Seniors

Today, August 21st, is “Senior Citizens Day.” What better way to celebrate our seniors by spending some good old-fashioned time with ‘em?!

Now don’t get me wrong, I adore talking with seniors and taking in all of their outstanding knowledge and wisdom. But sometimes, our seniors just wanna kick their heels up!

C’mon, it’s still summer time! Even though most of our seniors are not in the workforce or burdened with school, they want to let their hair down and enjoy some summertime fun too! Here are a few ideas that have proven to be tons of fun:

Get Cool in the Pool

undefinedWe have to keep our seniors as active as possible because we all know, if you don’t use it, you lose it!

One really popular way to accomplish that is water aerobics! Water aerobics is a great way for you to keep your loved ones nice and cool while getting good therapeutic exercise. And it’s usually great for sharing a good laugh!

So grab your bathing suit and find your local YMCA, senior citizens center or gym and sign up quick before the rest of summer passes you by!

Preserve Memories While Making New Ones

Is the pool not your thing, and your senior is more of the sentimental type? Well, take them for a trip down memory lane!

Find those amazing coupons at your local craft store and make a memory book! Pull out those old baby photos, birth certificates, prom tickets, love notes and anniversary cards and get to scrapbooking.

Studies have shown that not only does scrapbooking help to get those cognitive juices flowing, it is also very effective at helping process loss, cherish life and look forward to the future. Invite friends and family and make it a summer scrapbooking party!

Let’s Go on an Adventure!

undefinedOkay, so perhaps scrapbooking not really your cup of tea? No problem! What about something a little more adventurous?

Grab your suitcase, and let’s go! Take a trip, or maybe even go on a cruise! Get out of the house, explore new foods, new friends, new experiences and new attractions? Traveling Seniors is sooo 2018!

But be sure to keep your seniors safe in the heat of the summer! People aged 65 years or older are more likely to suffer heat-related health problems. The CDC offers tips for keeping your seniors safe when the heat is on.

What are you waiting for? Go make some memories and have fun with your favorite senior!


Melani Gonzalez has worked in the healthcare industry for 10 years. She served seven years as a state investigator with Health and Human Services Adult Protective Services. This is where she grew to love senior citizens. “I believe that protecting our vulnerable seniors is not only an honor, but a responsibility in our communities. Sometimes just listening to their wisdom makes all the difference in the world to me!”

Melani also serves as volunteer with the Alzheimer’s Association and, as a US Army Wartime Veteran, she also spends ample time assisting our Veterans who are senior citizens.

Melani has 5 living generations in her family, and her great grandmother Gussie, who is 101-years-young gets to enjoy all of Melani’s love and attention on a daily basis.


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