Rebecca S.

Rebecca S.

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Folding clothes. Moving around the house working on everyday tasks. Suddenly, unable to walk. Then unable to remember anything until waking up in the hospital. This is how Rebecca spent the first day of Spring.

As Rebecca became aware of her situation in a local hospital, her condition quickly worsened. It was necessary for her to be air evacuated to Nashville. Rebecca remained in Nashville for a week recovering from a hemorrhagic stroke.

At the time of her admission to SKY Rehab, Rebecca faced mobility and sensory loss in both her left leg and left arm. She also suffered from extreme confusion and was unable to formulate and express her thoughts. She had a sense of uncertainty about if or when she would be able to return to her former levels of functioning. “I had a lot of pity parties in the beginning," Rebecca recalled. "The loss of independence was a real shock to me. I was dependent on everyone for everything.”undefined

“The first time I went to the cafeteria at SKY, it was an eye-opener," Rebecca continued. All of the people who had strokes were sitting at the same table and I’m looking around and going holy moly I’m one lucky person because I could have been a lot worse!"

Rebecca noted this as a turning point. "That’s when I realized what happened to me and I felt like I was blessed and I asked myself why I was having pity parties. I told myself from that point forward I would do whatever was asked of me. I would never say no and I would not have any more pity parties! That is what has got me through today, plus the staff at SKY because they are just wonderful. From housekeeping to the doctors, they’ve really helped me and I don’t think I would be here today without them.”

Rebecca has experienced several recovery milestones since her admission to SKY. Her first major accomplishment was the return of function to her left hand, which later progressed to her left arm. The functioning of her left leg has taken more time, but she is making progress weekly through her outpatient therapy sessions.

Rebecca hasn’t let her condition stop her from enjoying life. “We recently went to the CMA Fest in Nashville and I attended all 4 nights,” she shared.

Unassisted ambulation is still an issue so she did have to use a wheelchair when necessary. Rebecca continues to work hard to improve her ability to walk without assistance. She is focused on her next personal goal, a trip to Germany in September to visit with her newest grandchild.

“I wouldn’t want to do it again but the experience has made me realize what is good and what is not, and what is important and what is not important!”