Paul H.

Paul H.

Paul admitted to an outside hospital on June 15, 2018. A CT scan demonstrated a pancreatic pseudocyst with evidence for pancreatitis and concern for necrotizing pancreatitis after a complicated abdominal history. He transferred to Vibra Hospital of Springfield for IV antibiotics, wound care, and rehabilitation.

Upon admission, Paul was weak. He was unable to walk more than 10 feet with the assistance of 2 therapists. He also required a wheelchair to complete his self-care sitting at the sink.

Complaints of dizziness when he tried to stand complicated Paul's first several weeks. He was on a modified diet with a feeding tube and had a large abdominal wound. Paul remained motivated to take part as much as his body would allow each therapy session. As the weeks passed, his strength began to improve.

As time progressed, Paul was first able to walk to the bathroom with the assistance of 1 therapist. He then progressed to walking short distances in the hallway. He was also able to attempt standing at the sink while performing his activities of daily living.

Within a few weeks, Paul was walking 300 feet with a walker and completing all his self-care activities while standing. His appetite had returned and his tube feeding was discontinued. His abdominal wound had healed by 55%.

On August 24, Paul was able to return home to his wife and dog. He credits his recovery to all the staff members at Vibra and is looking forward to coming back to visit.