Ashly P.

Ashly P.

An accident left Ashly with multiple injuries, including an external fixator of the pelvis. This injury left her unable to bear weight. Ashly needed to regain her strength to return home and care for her children. She chose Vibra Hospital of Central Dakotas to help her reach that goal.

In order to remove the fixator, Ashly completed a course of IV therapies at Vibra. She also worked hard with our dietary team so she would have the proper nutrition to heal. Despite at times having little appetite, Ashly consumed three meals and three scheduled nourishments each day. It helped to have some home-cooked meals now and then. "My mom was able to bring in home-cooked meals," Ashly noted, "and they would warm them up for me."

Family is a key component to recovery, and at Vibra, Ashly could have their full support. "I was able to see my family and kids every day," she recalled.

Another important factor in Ashly's recovery was pain management. Often, great pain comes with multiple injuries like Ashly's. Our team was able to help minimize Ashly's pain so that she could complete her therapy and regain her strength.

"I felt as though I was a high priority, no matter what I needed," Ashly recalled. "I could rely on Heidi and Jodi in Case Management whenever I was feeling overwhelmed or stressed. Sasha in therapy helped me get back up on my feet and gave me the confidence I needed to keep going. The nursing staff was amazing."

Ashly discharged home after several weeks at Vibra. We are so grateful to have played a part in helping her return home to her family!