Amy B.

Amy B.

It was the day after Easter, and Amy was back at work in Williston, ND when it happened. She suffered a hemorrhagic stroke.

Amy's stroke left her paralyzed on the left side. She also suffered respiratory failure, aspiration pneumonia and blood clots in her legs. After two weeks, Amy transferred to Vibra Hospital of Central Dakotas.

When she arrived at Vibra, Amy could not communicate and had no awareness of her surroundings. She required a feeding tube for nutrition, as she could not swallow. Increased oxygen needs required the use of a BIPAP machine to assist her with breathing.

The interdisciplinary care team at Vibra worked around-the-clock with Amy. This team included physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, respiratory therapy, our dietician and our incredible nursing staff. This was the hardest times of Amy's recovery. Her great sense of humor drove the her recovery to success.

As Amy progressed, she no longer required the BIPAP or feeding tube. Her orientation returned, and she could once again communicate.

"My experience here at Vibra has been very positive and uplifting, to say the least," Amy recalls. "We would like to thank everyone at Vibra. They have done everything in their power to help make us comfortable. We are anxious to return home.

Amy discharged to an inpatient rehabilitation facility for the next stage of her recovery. Thank you for allowing us to be a part of your journey to recovery, Amy!