Raul D.

Raul D.

On February 24, 2018, Mr. Raul Damien was admitted to a local short-term acute care hospital after sustaining a fall from a 7-foot fence, and landing on his head. Upon workup at the hospital, Mr. Damien was diagnosed with a severe Traumatic Spinal Cord Injury.

Throughout the course of his admission at the short-term acute care hospital, he required maximum assistance with his activities of daily living with the need for extensive physical and occupational therapy. He would not be able to receive the required amount of therapy at the short-term acute care hospital, leading his physicians to reach out to Ballard Rehabilitation Hospital and make a referral. Only at Ballard, would Mr. Damien be able to receive the proper amount of therapy he required coupled with specialized rehabilitation nursing.

Raul arrived at Ballard Rehabilitation Hospital on March 9, 2018. Upon initial evaluations by his team of specialized therapists, he was treated at a level of maximum assistance for all functional mobility and activities of daily living.  Raul’s condition was rated far more severe than most cases.

“Mr. Damien came to our hospital [requiring] maximum assistance and now he’s at a supervised level. He has improved greatly with all of his activities of daily living," according to Tanya his physical therapist aide. “When admitted, he was unable to move his left hand; he was max assist with standing and walking. Mr. Damien is able to close his left hand almost completely and he can walk 300 feet supervised with a cane.”

When asked about his experience here at Ballard Rehabilitation Hospital, Raul stated, “The therapists, Kathy, Alex, and Tanya have been great.” Mr. Damien later stated, “I’m better because of the way my therapists helped me; the food was really good too.”  Because of the care he received at Ballard, Mr. Damien was able to transfer directly home after his course of treatment.