Leanne C.

Leanne C.

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A few days before Christmas in 2015, Leanne Carr was bitten by a brown recluse spider. That small bite led to her body becoming septic. During the months that followed, she struggled for life as her organs began shutting down. She was only able to survive at the cost of amputations of both arms and both legs. Leanne lost her arms below the elbow and her legs below the knee.

During her inpatient stay at San Joaquin Valley Rehabilitation Hospital, Leanne received physical and occupational therapy which helped increase her strength and fitness, as well as teach her how to go about her daily life.

“The first thing I learned while at San Joaquin Valley Rehabilitation Hospital was how to adjust to my new body,” Leanne said. “Their Stage 2 Amputee program is where I learned how to put on my prosthetics and take them off, over and over again. Once I gained confidence with my new limbs, it was time for me to learn how to walk again with my new legs.”

This past year Leanne started the aquatics program at the San Joaquin Valley Rehabilitation Outpatient Center. “I was not getting the core exercise that I needed, so swimming gives me that and it also helps with my self-esteem. I was able to get a little bit of my life back and I can do more than I realized.”

Leanne’s story is about a journey of perseverance, triumph, and achievement. “I am blessed that the SJVRH team gave me the ability to better myself. The confidence I gained helped me to set goals and reach them. Without the help of their PT staff, I could have never joined my family on the beach at Half Moon Bay to feel the water once again.”