Keith H.

Keith H.

On Mother’s Day, Keith fell and broke his neck, becoming an incomplete quadriplegic just 6 months after retiring from his job of 38 years.

After his injury, he experienced an immediate loss of sensation and movement in both legs; his doctor told him he may never walk again. After months of hospitalization, Keith came to San Joaquin Valley Rehabilitation Hospital to begin getting his old life back.

“When I arrived at San Joaquin Valley Rehabilitation Hospital, I was determined to work hard to regain the use of my legs and all the staff was great, especially PT, because they weren’t going to let me be complacent,” said Keith. “My family was the other great motivator. They never allowed me to quit!  Without this great support system, I probably wouldn’t be walking today.”

After discharge from our hospital, Keith became a patient at our Fresno outpatient clinic and joined our Fitness Center, where he enjoys warm-water Aquatics Therapy and has a personal trainer.  He doesn’t let a day go by without working his legs to increase his strength.   “My brother is making me take one day off a week, so I will start that next week,” added Keith. “My family has faced the challenges of my injury with me and their continued support has been so important to my progress. I could have never done it without them.”

Today, Keith is walking with the use of a walker and his goal is to begin using a cane very soon.  In the near future, he plans to start driving again and enjoy the new boat he bought just before his accident.