Jarred & Devon

Jarred & Devon

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Jarred, a seemingly typical 33-year-old man, woke up one January morning with the worst headache of his life. He went to the hospital and was treated for his headache and sent home. The next morning, he woke up unable to use his right side, unable to walk, and unable to talk normally. Jarred went back to the hospital and was diagnosed with a brain abscess. He spent the next several weeks in three different hospitals and underwent brain surgery to remove the abscess. On 02/05/2018, Jarred admitted to Gateway, his fourth hospital in three weeks, for intense physical therapy.

Devon is a 36-year-old mother of 7. She was in the middle of feeding her newborn at 2 AM when she felt her right arm go numb. A few hours later, her leg was numb and she wasn’t able to walk. Devon was taken to the hospital and found out that she had had a stroke. On 02/06/2018, after several weeks in the hospital, Devon came to Gateway unable to do anything for herself – she required maximum assistance with 2 people helping her. Devon recalls feeling like she would never be able to use her right side again, she was sure she would never walk again.

Jarred and Devon were in adjacent rooms at Gateway. Both of them young, active, and otherwise healthy individuals. They were able to identify with each other and understand each other in a way that no one else would. They quickly became good friends, supporting each other and rooting each other on in therapy. Neither of them can say enough great things about the therapy staff here at Gateway, especially Elizabeth and Tyler, their primary therapists. Jarred, always laughing and making jokes, talks about how encouraging his therapists were and says that although he is finally getting to go home, he knows that it won’t stop here. Jarred intends to keep working hard and hopes to return to his job at Fidelity Investment.

Devon jokingly says that Tyler was always making her do things she couldn’t imagine being possible. He stood by her side through it all and encouraged her to do more than she was comfortable with. “That is why the healing happened so fast,” she says. Thanks to Elizabeth and Tyler, Devon is confident that she will succeed at home and that she is ready to safely care for her children. She says that her main goal is to be an inspiration to her kids and show them how important it is to believe in yourself and fight for what you want.

After 6 weeks of hard work and dedication to getting better, both Jarred and Devon can be seen here standing proudly for their photo with Elizabeth and Tyler. Both of them are able to walk using an assistive device and they know it won’t stop here. Jarred and Devon left Gateway and headed home on 03/20/2018 – but not for good – both intend to continue outpatient therapy here, and we cannot wait to see their continued progress!