Jose S.

Jose S.

At 67, Jose Silva was full of life, a very energetic gentleman who was independent and otherwise healthy. He enjoyed caring for his grapevine and puttering about in his backyard of his home in Acushnet.

Life Threatening Event

Unfortunately, one night he suffered a severe fall at his house that nearly took his life. He suffered some spinal fractures which required him to wear a neck collar. He was transported to Rhode Island Hospital (Trauma Center) where he received emergency care and was placed on a breathing machine. There, in the Intensive care unit, he had a cardiac arrest that required resuscitation measures. After a successful resuscitation, Jose continued to be unable to breathe on his own. He
required a tracheostomy tube (plastic tube in his neck) for breathing as well as a parenteral gastrostomy tube (feeding tube in the stomach) for nutrition. The medical team treating Jose felt that he would need a longer period of time to recover and recommended Vibra Hospital of Southeastern Massachusetts in New Bedford for continued care. At Vibra Hospital of Southeastern Massachusetts, New Bedford.

Jose arrived at Vibra, bed bound, unable to walk, unable to talk, and still requiring a breathing machine with his dedicated wife at his side. At the first meeting with the clinical team and his doctor, his wife expressed her desire to see him return home and echoed that she heard that Vibra hospital had a reputation “to get people back to better.”

During his hospitalization at Vibra, which lasted several weeks, Jose worked incessantly with the clinical team and was able to be successfully weaned off of the breathing machine. He then gained the ability to talk and furthermore eat by mouth. With the help of his dedicated wife, who was praying day and night, the caring team of professionals at Vibra and his determination to get better, he made a full recovery. Ultimately, Jose walked out of the hospital on his own power and went home. Jose and his wife frequently visit the hospital and have attested that they continue to pray for the clinical team in their quest for miracles for other patients.

Going Above and Beyond

Jose recalls the clinical team and the doctors that cared for him at Vibra went above and beyond to make him comfortable during his entire hospitalization.

“Dr. Martin was excellent. He was very humane, considerate and compassionate,” Jose says. “He showed great concern about me and had an excellent bedside manner. The nursing staff, respiratory, rehab, and speech therapy were absolutely wonderful to me and to my wife and family. With my faith in God, these compassionate people gave help me achieve my goal – to go back to my home to my wife to keep living. I am forever grateful to all of them”, said Mr. Silva. “I prayed every day to Sr. Santo Cristo, every morning for Him to give me my husband back. I wanted him close to home and I heard about this hospital on Acushnet Avenue. I heard they did good things and I wanted my husband to get better. Going to Vibra Hospital turned out to be the best decision of my life”, said Mrs. Silva.