Destiny K.

Destiny K.

22-year-old Destiny Kiest has a passion to help others, “I don’t believe people are bad, I believe they are in bad situations”. With her career path chosen, she was excited to begin her journey into social work. Her other passion was baking; she had started baking for family and friends and eventually started selling her creations to a local diner in her home town.

Destiny’s future was bright until she was suddenly admitted to the hospital emergency room with a severe abdomen wound. During emergency surgery, she developed respiratory failure and was placed on a ventilator; due to the severity of her illness, she was placed in a medicated coma. While recovering, she developed a weakness in her muscles and was unable to move. Destiny’s long and rigorous road to recovery was just beginning. The Vibra care team was ready to help Destiny on her journey back to better.

Upon admission to Vibra Hospital of Northwestern Indiana, Destiny was on a ventilator, she had a feeding tube in place to assist her with eating. She was unable to stand and even had difficulty moving her arms and legs; she was completely dependent on our clinical team. Our respiratory care team, consisting of pulmonologists and respiratory therapists, worked hard and were able to successfully wean Destiny off of the ventilator within 14 days of being admitted. The tube she had in her neck to help her breath (tracheostomy) was closed four days later.

Our speech therapists worked with Destiny to regain her voice and swallowing ability. While she was on the breathing machine, they used a speaking valve so she would be able to talk. Speech therapy continues to work with her to regain her swallowing; currently, she is able to tolerate small amounts of liquid. “She did so well during speech therapy, that I am confident she will continue to make progress and be able to enjoy eating again,” said Angela Johnson, Director of Rehab/Speech Therapist.

Physical Therapy worked with Destiny at bedside; the goal was to strengthen her core and balance. Together, they set new goals on a daily basis. Romeo Roldan,¬†Destiny’s physical therapist, mentioned that she was able to regain enough strength to go to our therapy gym and use the Omnicycle to work with neuromuscular control. Roldan commented, “She is very motivated to get well, I have no doubt she will be able to get mobile, as long as she continues to have rehab.” She progressed from making slight movements in her fingers to bending her wrist and currently is able to reach the top of her head.

Destiny’s progress continues to amaze everyone! We encourage her to continue her journey back to better and wish her the very best in her bright future!