Bozidar V.

Bozidar V.

Married for 43 years, Bozidar Vezmar and his wife have had a long, loving life together. They traveled to the United States at a chance for a better life and are now enjoying the fruits of their labor. The Vezmars love to travel, with their top destination choice being anywhere tropical. Mr. Vezmar’s other passion is to be creative, he constructs anything from beautiful birdhouses built from the ground up to delicious and intricate edible arrangements pieces for all of his family’s special occasions.

Mr. Vezmar’s active lifestyle came to a halt when he took a serious fall resulting in his admission to the hospital. After multiple complications from the fall, Bozidar became unresponsive and was put on a ventilator to breathe for him. Mrs. Vezmar and family did not know if he would ever get back to his normal active lifestyle

Mr. Vezmar was admitted to Vibra Hospital of Northwestern Indiana on October 21, 2017, after being on the ventilator for more than 30 days. Our team of pulmonologists, respiratory therapists, nurses, and therapists were able to get Bozidar off of the breathing machine on October 29th, 2017. Mrs. Vezmar was elated to hear the news that her husband's health was finally starting to turn for the better.

During Mr. Vezmar’s stay, our physical therapists worked with Mr. Vezmar’s on regaining his strength and mobility. Bozidar was highly motivated to get back to his normal routine and active lifestyle, he continued to push himself even if he was weak. “I was surprised that he was able to do steps inside the parallel bars," said Romeo Roldan, Physical Therapist. "He was very motivated to walk again!”  Upon discharge, Bozidar was able to sit up on his bed and continued to work towards standing and walking.

Throughout Mr. Vezmar’s stay, Mrs. Vezmar never left her husband’s side. She continued to motivate her beloved husband toward a recovery that seemed impossible weeks prior. Mrs. Vezmar was Bozidar’s support throughout his recovery and continues to stay positive on her husband’s journey back to better. She continues to thank Vibra Hospital of Northwestern Indiana’s staff for the successes they helped her husband achieve!

We wish Mr. Bozidar Vezmar the very best in his journey back to better!