Willie J.

Willie J.

As Chief Clinical Officer, I am so proud of the complex cases we take and of the positive outcomes our staff creates. Few in recent memory stand out more so than Mr. Willie Joyner, whose process to wellness began in late spring and wrapped up in the fall,” stated by one of the many talented care givers at Vibra Hospital of Charleston.

“This gentleman was admitted after 5 weeks of deteriorating postoperative conditions stemming from a laproscopic removal of his gall bladder. He was admitted to our LTAC (Long Term Acute Care) in septic shock, suffering from multiple organ failure, pneumonia, pulmonary embolism, and was wholly vent- dependent and in acute respiratory failure. He was transferred from Vibra LTAC to our TCU (Transitional Care Unit) after already making great strides. Upon discharge, he actually WALKED out of Vibra! That is not only remarkable, it is amazing! His recovery is a credit to every aspect of our facility and every team member.”

Olga McNally, MOT, OTR/L, Program Director of Therapy observed, “Willie was a man with a goal! He refused to quit getting better! Virtually everyone at our hospital made contributions to his recovery. He is a huge success!”

Upon admission to the TCU side, the Vibra staff worked closely with respiratory therapy and his pulmonologist to determine activity tolerance. Mr. Joyner initially required total assistance and was unable to get out of the bed. Regimens of physical, occupational, and speech therapy advanced him to a Modified Independent level with a walker. His wife was provided with education and transfer training. During the course of treatment, he was decannulated and no longer needed the PEG tube for nutrition. Mr. Joyner had been away from home for 6 months and was able to return home without any physical assistance from his wife.

Mrs. Joyner wrote, “We are so thankful for the wonderful care, for the doctors and nurses, and all the therapists who made our journey a success. The dedication of your OT and PT staff is unmatched. They would never allow my husband to get defeated or consider giving up. Their continued encouragement gave me my husband back.”