Roxanne F.

Roxanne F.

Roxanne started having pain in her leg that she thought was a pulled muscle. After seeing her doctor she found out that she had a blood clot in one of the arteries of her leg. All efforts were exhausted to save her leg and she had to have an amputation. The surgeon removed her leg below the knee in order to save her life.

Roxanne’s family toured numerous facilities, for her rehab, but knew that Gateway was the place for her when they saw the private rooms and large windows that open to let in fresh air.

“Failure is not an option.” Roxanne says when talking about her rehab and attitude to get her life back. She says she has a great support team at home and Gateway staff became her support team in rehab. She keeps candy kisses in her room to give to staff in appreciation. “Everybody that works here is compassionate, caring, and has a sense of humor.”

Roxanne came back to Gateway to learn to walk again after her wound healed and her “new leg” was ready. It didn’t take long to get her up and moving. She is very determined to dance with her grandchildren again very soon.

Pictured here is Roxanne, walking…..on her Birthday, just like she promised herself she would do.