Marilyn W.

Marilyn W.

Marilyn was admitted to the hospital on 3/8/15 when she developed weakness and respiratory distress with the eventual need for intubation. From the acute care hospital, she came to Vibra Hospital for ventilator weaning, medical management, and therapy.

When Marilyn was evaluated by therapy, she needed maximum to total assistance with all functional mobility and activities of daily living. She also could not speak or swallow safely. She was extremely weak and fatigued quickly with any activity, but it was soon evident to all who cared for Marilyn that this feisty little lady from New York was a fighter.

She began her recovery with simply sitting on the edge of the bed and performing exercises to strengthen her muscles and build endurance. She quickly progressed to sitting up in a chair. It was not long before Marilyn began to have trials off the ventilator and was able to complete her therapy in the rehab gym and begin walking with a walker. Speech therapy worked with her to use the Passy Muir valve to speak, and to improve her safety with swallowing. She always had a smile on her face, and she was a great encouragement to other patients.

By the time Marilyn was ready for discharge, she was walking up and down the hallway and even outdoors without an assistive device, and she could complete her grooming, dressing, and bathing nearly independently with slight help for set-up. Most importantly to Marilyn, her tracheostomy tube was removed and she was eating and drinking whatever she wanted.

As Marilyn prepared to return home, she was asked if she had any comments about her time at Vibra. She quickly replied, “The nurses and therapy were fabulous. They took great care of me.”