Joseph J.

Joseph J.

Joey was admitted to Gateway after a traumatic brain injury. He does not remember what happened to him or how he got here to Gateway Rehabilitation Hospital. He does remember people talking to him. Especially his sister and her children. He said he remembered them playing music for him and he felt like everything was a dream. Then he said one day he “just woke up”!

After he had the realization of what was happening he started to really work hard with therapy. His therapists were all amazed at how quickly he made progress.

Joey returned home with his sister and his family without using any assistance for walking except for his walker to help with balance. He wants to get home and see where he is starting with his guitar. He wants to focus on getting that function back next. He used to play rock and roll music regularly and misses that very much.

His advice to others in his situation is “Do the therapy. Get serious and just get it done. That’s the only way to get your life back.”

He wore his special t-shirt with guitars on it for some quick laps around the therapy gym before going home.