Jana B

Jana B

Jana was a typical healthy 41 year old wife and mother who worked in a classroom for children with special needs. One day in December of 2014, she began having trouble breathing and was taken to the ER by her husband. Her condition quickly deteriorated as she developed acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS), and her lungs quit working. Doctor’s attempted extracorporeal membrane oxygenation (ECMO), but her carotid artery ruptured. The procedure had to be stopped, and she underwent emergency heart surgery to stop internal bleeding. Miraculously, her lungs began working again when her chest was opened. In addition, her hospital course was further complicated by a blood clot in her superior vena cave, acute kidney injury with need for short term hemodialysis, gastrointestinal issues with need for a cholecystectomy and the development of abdominal abscesses, and multiple rounds of antibiotics and anti-coagulant medications. Her illness took a drastic toll on her body, and her muscles became extremely weak with what is called critical illness myopathy.

Jana had multiple post-acute stays during the course of her illness. When she arrived at Vibra, she had significant weakness throughout her body. She could barely elicit a muscle contraction. She needed total assist with all functional mobility and activities of daily living. She could only tolerate minimal activity before becoming extremely fatigued or nauseated. To complicate matters, she had developed a severe pressure ulcer on her sacrum, and she could not sit in an upright position until it healed adequately.

Through all of her challenges, though, Jana never gave up. She participated in her therapy daily, and she began to regain her strength. As she started feeling better, it was discovered that Jana has a very good sense of humor, and her sarcasm had the staff laughing daily.

Jana’s goal was to be able to go to a rehabilitation hospital to maximize her progress. She had to be able to get into a wheelchair with the assist of one person, and she had to be able to stand. After much hard work, she accomplished both of these fetes, and she was accepted into a rehabilitation hospital.

Her heart and determination have carried her a long way, and they will continue to do so as she works to attain her ultimate goal of returning home. The staff at Vibra Hospital wish her well in her recovery.