Eduardo E.

Eduardo E.

On 3/10/2016 Mr. Esteras, a 49 year old male, presented to emergency department as a trauma from a motor vehicle accident, unrestrained driver versus pole. He arrived with a low blood pressure, low oxygen levels and was unresponsive.

His injuries included:

  • Multiple rib fractures of both sides that required surgery to stabilize
  • Fractured breast bone (sternum)
  • Fractured skull with brain concussion
  • Collapsed lung with internal bleeding requiring, two chest tubes to re-expand the lung and drain the blood from his chest
  • Cardiac bruising with collection of blood around the heart
  • Laceration of the spleen
  • Traumatic shock
  • Respiratory failure that required a tube be placed in his throat and placed on mechanical ventilation or breathing machine

Mr. Esteras progressed at the acute care hospital and was ready for the next level of care. Because he still required daily physician oversight and specialized care, he was transferred to Vibra Hospital of Mahoning Valley in Boardman. Vibra is a Medicare certified and state licensed long term acute care hospital (LTACH) providing extended acute treatment and rehabilitation to medically complex patients. The LTACH patient typically has a longer length of stay to receive the multidiscipline treatment and specialized care to recover from their catastrophic illness or complex medical condition.

At Vibra, Mr. Esteras required aggressive ventilator management and weaning, specialized nursing care, respiratory therapy, wound management, cardiac monitoring, nutritional support, rehabilitation services including Physical Therapy/Occupational Therapy/Speech and Language Pathology.

Mr. Esteras continued to improve. His breathing tube was removed, his wounds were healed, his heart rate and vital signs stabilized, he was able to eat solid food and was ambulatory with a walker. He was discharged to his home with home health follow up on May 3, 2016, and continues to do well.

Mr. Esteres is quoted as saying, “ The care I received at Vibra was excellent. The staff was caring and friendly. I’m so happy I came to Vibra Hospital and I want to so thank you for everything you did for me.”