Chris B.

Chris B.

Chris was at work when his boss noticed that he was acting strange. After swift medical evaluation they found he had suffered a very serious stroke.

Chris had a long hospital course to be stable for transfer. He came to Gateway to begin his rehabilitation very determined. His recovery was not a simple one. Chris says, “When I realized what had happened to me I was mad”. He decided he wasn’t going to accept that he wasn’t going to get back to his pre stroke way of life.

Chris was an active young man. A marathon runner and avid skier. When he was admitted to Gateway Rehab he was not able to move himself from side to side in bed, required a lot of help with two people to transfer, and had not been able to walk at all.

After several weeks of intense rehabilitation Chris was able to return home with his wife and family. Today he is walking without the aide of a walker or cane. He continues therapy at home and outpatient rehab. He’s walking 2 miles per day and working out in his home gym to continue his progress.

Chris continues to have goals for the future. He wants to ski again and run a marathon. His advice to others is “Work at getting your life back to where you can enjoy it – it may be painful at times but that’s life!”