Sara B.

Sara B.

Around Mother’s Day, Sara Buff noticed that she was having a hard time swallowing. Thinking it was just shrinkage in her esophagus due to aging, she dismissed the issue. It wasn’t long before her children intervened and talked her into going to a physician. Only then did she find out she had
esophageal cancer. She underwent esophagectomy surgery and neoadjuvant chemoradiation therapy at St. Luke’s Medical Center. Shortly after surgery, an esophageal leak was detected and a stent was placed. A few days later, she was up walking and all seemed fine until she started having bloody emesis and her condition declined several times.

Sara has a large loving family and has never been alone, and that certainly was the case while in the hospital. Her kids took shifts and did not leave her side. Laura, one of Sara’s 4 daughters’, said through teary eyes that the doctors had informed her and her family that Sara was going to pass away several times during her episodes. However, Sara, being the strong matriarch she is, had other plans.

Sara was stabilized and transferred to Vibra Hospital of Boise. Immediately after transfer, Sara began to bleed again. Her bleeding continued intermittently throughout her stay requiring multiple blood transfusions with multiple units on each occasion. Laura, explained that Dr. Lazarte kept everyone in their family calm and called in a general surgeon, Dr. Macha, to consult. It was then that it was determined that the stent originally placed had come loose and was causing ulcerations, which caused the bleeding into her stomach.

That is when Dr. Lazarte jumped into action and set up immediate transport to University of Washington Medical Center. There, her stent was removed and replaced with a covered EndoMaxx esophageal stent.

Laura stated that Dr. Lazarte was their angel and she credits him for saving her mother’s life. Sara says everyone has been wonderful at Vibra; the Physician’s, NP’s, RN’s, CNA’s, and Therapists. She went on to say that everyone was warm and friendly and that she loved the care she received. In spite of her medical issues, Sara enjoyed her time recovering at Vibra.

Sara is looking forward to the holidays with her family. Laura, stated they are looking forward to
her famous Christmas candy. Sara loves to make homemade suckers, which her daught said is her specialty. Laura was very grateful for her mother’s care and spoke for the entire family when she stated that Sara was the best mom ever and felt blessed to have her back with them.