Patricia K.

Patricia K.

Patricia, a 92-year-old mother of four, unfortunately suffered from a severe stroke in June 2015 and was admitted to HCA Johnston-Willis Hospital for care. During her stay, Patricia was closely monitored by Neurology and Pulmonology specialists who recommended a craniotomy.

After surgery, Patricia had a difficult time weaning from the ventilator, was suffering from the stroke and several infections, developed pressure ulcers, and even required a blood transfusion. The medical team treating Patricia felt that she would need a longer period of time to recover and
recommended that she be transferred to Vibra Hospital of Richmond for care.

During her stay at Vibra Hospital, which was more than a month, Patricia, through her strong will and the Vibra team at her side, was able to be successfully weaned off of the ventilator in near record time for her age. In fact, Patricia was one of the oldest patients at Vibra to ever be weaned off a ventilator. Her very attentive sons never left her side and were an integral part of her recovery. One doctor mentioned to her sons that 97% of patients that are in the condition of their mother do not live past a month. Through Patricia’s determination to get better and the caring team of professionals at Vibra, she beat those odds. Ultimately, Patricia made enough improvement to prepare for her transition home. With true dedication from the Vibra team of specialists including hospitalists, respiratory therapy, pulmonologist and nursing staff diligently working hand in hand along with both of Patricia’s sons, she was able to return home with home health nursing care.

The note from the family is reproduced below:

“We were all very impressed with the number of people dedicated to helping our Mom get better,
from the doctors, to the nurses, to the therapists, and to the nurses’ aides and housekeepers, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts for taking care of our Mom and also training and watching out for Ric and me. When Mom recovers, Ric and I will tell her all about Vibra and the wonderful people who cared for her. Thank you. Ric and Tom Kennedy.”