Michael W.

Michael W.

“My family thought I wasn’t going to make it!” exclaimed 51-year old Michael, as he walked back into Vibra Hospital Richmond after completing rehabilitation. After being treated at MCV for acute pancreatitis, acute on chronic kidney failure and sepsis, Michael was admitted to Vibra with a less-than-hopeful prognosis for a full recovery. Many healthcare professionals did not think that he would be as functional as he is today. After many days of focused intensive care from the team at Vibra Hospital of Richmond, Michael was tuned up and ready for rehab!

Realizing he had so much to live for, Michael stated “I just had to get up, I couldn’t stay down too long”! I and my family can’t believe how far I have come, It’s a blessing he exclaimed! What a miracle!”

During his stay at Vibra Hospital Richmond Michael experienced many bumps in the road but with the help of the medical team he was able to persevere. From being really sick and bed bound to being up and walking to tell the story, He gives the Vibra staff so much of the credit. “Everyone was so great and the whole Vibra experience was wonderful. I just wanted to come back and tell everyone thanks!”

Michael is excited that he no longer requires medication for diabetes, he is no longer on dialysis, and his wounds are completely healed. “I can go to the beach now he exclaimed”!

Michael would like to give kudos to Howard Mann, LPN, Dr. Maung, Dr. Din and Dr. Weeden. He would also like to thank the entire therapy department, the remaining team of doctors, nursing, and respiratory therapist at Vibra, for all they did to help in his recovery. When we started with Michael, he was very ill with multiple co morbidities. After weeks of therapy he is walking with a cane, communicating, eating, able to drive, and of course, able to go to the beach. “He is the perfect example of the success stories happening here at Vibra hospital of Richmond.”

Michael is looking forward to the rest of his life!