Mary B.

Mary B.

After suffering from a spinal cord injury resulting in paraplegia in 2014, Mary Buckingham had a long road ahead of her. Mary had to battle many barriers to her recovery including a large wound and serious bone infection. Mary received excellent surgical care at Mary Washington Hospital and post surgical follow-up care at Vibra Hospital of Richmond. With the help of that specialized care and her
large and supportive family, Mary is well on the road to recovery.

Following a brief hospital stay at Mary Washington Hospital and a significant plastic surgery procedure, Mary required extensive wound care and long term IV antibiotic therapy. Mary’s surgeon recommended Vibra Hospital’s wound care program for continued medical management.

On June 22, 2015 Mary was transferred to Vibra Hospital of Richmond. During the course of her stay Mary received what she called “Fantastic service.” Mary’s husband John stated “my wife has been to many facilities and nowhere else; nowhere did she receive the care that she has had here.” “Her surgeon said “Following surgery, I want you to go to Vibra. We said Vibra? What is a Vibra? Never heard of it. Well, we found out. Can’t say enough (good things) about Vibra.”

During her 3 week hospital stay at Vibra Hospital of Richmond, Mary was able to complete her recommended course of antibiotic therapy and specialized wound care and with the help of her very supportive family was able to transition to a facility close to home.

With help from Vibra Hospital’s physician team and nursing staff, Mary and her husband have a lot to be thankful for. One of their most cherished memories was celebrating their 67th wedding anniversary at the facility – not their first choice of location, but the nursing staff and family organized a celebration nonetheless. Mary’s daughter says, “Wonderful arrangement for me to spend nights here and comfort her meant a lot to us as a family.”

Because of success stories like Mary’s, Vibra Hospital of Richmond shows what it means to be a true center of excellence, and answers the question, “What is a Vibra?” Per Mary’s Husband John: “A place where the service is fantastic and the staff are wonderful.”