Jean B.

Jean B.

In the latter part of May 2015, Ken F. and Jean B.'s world was rocked by an unfortunate set of circumstances. Jean had been suffering from a pneumonia that had been plaguing her for some time. She said she had fought it off, but, that it would keep coming back. Then, she explained that she was sitting on her front porch one evening and it was lights out! That was the last thing she remembered for 3 weeks. Jean was admitted to Vibra on 6/4/2015 with respiratory failure due to COPD exacerbation and community acquired pneumonia.

After receiving a trach and being on a vent at Saint Alphonsus Nampa hospital, Ken, Jean’s husband, was told that it was time he needed to tour some Specialty Acute Care Hospitals in the area for the next step in her recovery process. Ken stated that he did tour Vibra and another local LTAC, but, when he walked through Vibra’s doors, he immediately knew he was in the right place. He stated that
he was greeted warmly by the receptionist at the front desk and was impressed with the security measures that we have in place. Ken, having been a former medical administrator was expecting no less.

Ken stated that staff was very caring and showed a lot of love toward he and Jean during her stay at Vibra. He stated that the ICU was state of the art and expressed, “even better than some of the traditional hospitals.” He went on to say that Vibra has the right values and knows what it takes to run a successful ICU, “hell of a fine institution,” he stated.

At Vibra, Jean was liberated from the ventilator on 6/18/2015 and eventually decannulated on 6/24/2015. Jean had significant critical myopathy which was slowly improving at her time of discharge to an aggressive physical and occupational therapy facility.

Ken and Jean continue to visit Vibra and thank the staff with their wonderful treats. Jean always walks in with a big smile on her face with plenty of hugs to the dedicated care providers of Vibra. She is hoping to return to her job as a bus driver for special needs children. Her husband, Ken, along with herself, decided after retirement they wanted to give back and working with disadvantaged children was a rewarding way to enjoy their retirement together.