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Vibra Hospital of Amarillo

Vibra Hospital of Amarillo
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Vibra Hospital of Amarillo

Long Term Treatments for Chronic Illnesses & Injuries

While many people admitted to a hospital can be discharged within a week, there are numerous patients dealing with chronic conditions such as cancer, lung disease, and kidney failure that require an extended level of care. Vibra Hospital of Amarillo is a long term acute care facility that offers these patients closely monitored medical care for as long as it takes to recover.

We are committed to getting patients back to better. Many of the conditions we treat can have life-altering effects. By focusing on the patient rather than the condition, we can help them overcome the obstacles their condition may present and enjoy a significantly higher quality of life.


Elevating Patient Care.

We determine the best extended care option for our patients.

Our team is well-versed in the latest techniques in long term care.

We are determined to raise the standard of patient care.

Our facilities are constantly pursuing a higher level of service excellence.

We are always seeking strategic opportunities for growth within the industry.

Our Mission & Principles.

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We Can Defeat Hospital Readmissions

Readmissions to hospitals for recurring problems have been an issue in the medical field for years. A traditional hospital is not designed to accommodate a patient’s long term care need and sometimes discharges patients too early to free up space for new patients. As a long term acute care hospital, we take the burden of providing care for chronic illnesses and serious injuries from traditional medical centers and carry it ourselves. Our facility is equipped with state-of-the-art technology that allows our knowledgeable medical staff to closely monitor patients and track their progress. We also offer rehabilitation programs to help speed up recovery and help patients overcome functional limitations caused by their condition. Our goal is to ensure that every patient can live safely and comfortably outside of the hospital without major risk of a recurring incident.

Celebrating Our Patients' Success.

Read some of our patients' stories of their experience with the Vibra Healthcare team.

  • Mr. Sugg

    Mr. Sugg

    Vibra Hospital of Amarillo

    Shortness of breath and tightness in his chest led Mr. Sugg to the emergency room at Northwest Texas Hospital. He had no way of knowing that would be the start of a very long journey. Mr. Sugg doesn't remember much between then and when he arrived at Vibra Rehabilitation Hospital of Amarillo . He relied on his family to help fill in the blanks for him. Mr. Sugg spent a total of 22 days at Northwest Texas Hospital, including 20 in the ICU. He suffered acute respiratory failure and was ... Read More

  • Mrs. Clancy

    Mrs. Clancy

    Vibra Hospital of Amarillo

    Everything was completely normal for Mrs. Clancy, working and completely independent. Then she developed a serious infection in her left leg and became septic. This began a five-month journey that included several surgeries. After Mrs. Clancy's initial surgery, she admitted to a skilled nursing facility. There, she suffered a fall, reopening her wound. Back at the hospital for additional treatment, Mrs. Clancy was diagnosed with a heart condition. This further complicated her recovery. ... Read More

  • David S.

    David S.

    Vibra Hospital of Amarillo

    David Schroeder is a happily retired 65-year-old living his best life. He enjoys every day taking care of his wife and mother-in-law. One day splitting firewood at the family cabin in Red River, NM, he felt some back pain. David never imagined this little bit of soreness would result in paralysis and a 12-week hospital stay to relearn how to walk. As the back pain progressed, David went to the ER where a battery of tests were run. The tests provided no answers to the cause of his pain. ... Read More

  • Mark F.

    Mark F.

    Vibra Hospital of Amarillo

    One day when crossing the street, Mark Fourmentin was struck by a motor vehicle. The accident left Mark with multiple injuries, including fractures of the skull, femur, tibia, fibula, ribs, and vertebrae. He admitted to Northwest Texas Hospital (NWTH) for his injuries. Upon arrival at NWTH, Mark was evaluated and placed in surgical ICU. His physicians consulted and developed the needed plan of treatment. After multiple surgeries and 16 days at NWTH, he discharged to Vibra Hospital of ... Read More

  • Jackie N.

    Jackie N.

    Vibra Hospital of Amarillo

    "Back on February 21st was my first experience with Vibra Hospital, and from the time I came in here, everybody at the hospital was trying to develop stepping stones to help me get out quickly. In life, we can either make stepping stones for people or we can make stumbling blocks, and I found that this built stepping stones all the way around. Robin was my first experience. She transported me over from another location. She was very, very careful to miss every bump in the road, because I ... Read More

  • Bruce H.

    Bruce H.

    Vibra Hospital of Amarillo

    Bruce Harvey and his wife, Angela, were traveling from Florida to California when they decided to stop in Amarillo to take a break from the road. While in Amarillo, Bruce lost consciousness and suffered a fall. EMS was called and they transported him to Northwest Texas Hospital. It wasn't clear under initial examination what was wrong. They intubated Bruce and ran tests to determine the extent of his injuries. He remained intubated for 27 days. During that time, Angela said she was told ... Read More

  • Charles C.

    Charles C.

    Vibra Hospital of Amarillo

    "Things looked pretty dire for me back in December, when I suddenly had severe back pain that took away my ability to walk. I was diagnosed with osteomyelitis of my lower back which I later found out was caused by an infection on the outside of my spine. Thankfully, it didn’t require any surgery so I was transferred to Vibra Hospital of Amarillo for about three weeks with IV antibiotics. I started slowly recovering with the help of the therapists and nurses. But then I was ready for more ... Read More