Cyesha J.

Cyesha J.

Cyesha J. was an energetic 20-year-old, 23 weeks along with her first child when an event occurred that would forever change her and her family’s world. Cyesha complained to her mother that her head was hurting and in a matter of a few hours she was unresponsive when EMS responded to a call at her residence. Cyesha had experienced a Cerebellar Hemorrhage. Cyesha underwent a Craniotomy with EVD placement and remained in a coma for 4 weeks.

During this time, Dr’s told her mother that Cyesha was brain dead and that she should go ahead and make funeral arrangements for her daughter. Cyesha proved everyone wrong and began to wake up, responding to her mother with a thumbs up. She underwent a C-section to deliver a beautiful boy, which only provided more for her to succeed in her recovery.

Two and a half months later, Cyesha admitted to SKY Rehab for intensive interdisciplinary inpatient rehabilitation. It was noted that there were cognitive & linguistic deficits as well as dysphagia being present. Cyesha experienced several milestones while at SKY, some occurring just shortly after admitting. One day after admitting, Cyesha walked 12 feet with a rolling walker and assistance. This was the first time she had walked since the day of her hemorrhage. A milestone that her mother was proud of was the day Cyesha had changed her clothes on her own, because “I wanted my other pajamas on”. Cyesha continued to reach recovery milestones, making vast improvements in her ability to communicate and function more independently.

Cyesha transitioned home with home health and within 3 months returned to SKY as an outpatient. Her transition, as noted by her mother, “was a seamless one. We had hoped she would have been able to transition directly into outpatient at SKY instead of rest with home health, but it couldn’t be helped. The therapists at SKY didn’t skip a beat and she really looks forward to coming for her therapies!” Cyesha continues to reach milestones with the help of her outpatient therapy team.

She has been able to ambulate to check on her son without the use of her walker within the home, participates in family outings and most importantly she has been able to hold her son without the assistance from anyone. The next milestone Cyesha wants to complete is to move out of her parent’s home and take care of herself and her son on her own, like any other young adult of her age. We know it is just a matter of time before she shatters this goal and perhaps several more.