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Since 2004, Vibra Healthcare has been helping patients all across the nation with their medical problems. We strive to provide all our patients with effective, personalized, and compassionate medical services. Our medical professionals are highly trained, extensively experienced, and exceedingly skilled at what they do. We work hard to ensure our patients get the high-quality, cost-effective medical services they need and deserve.

At Vibra Healthcare, we put patient experience and satisfaction first. We want to make sure you are happy and comfortable when you are in the care of our medical professionals. To help achieve that goal, we will answer all of your questions and address all of your concerns before proceeding forward with treatment. Our knowledgeable faculty and staff take the time to explain complex medical terms in easy to understand language so that you know why treatment is recommended and what it should accomplish.

Proficient & Personalized Medical Services

While our primary services revolve around long term acute care and inpatient rehabilitation, we offer a vast range of different healthcare options. These services vary from location to location, so please be sure to look at which of our hospitals is closest to you and which services we offer in that specific area.

Vibra Healthcare’s medical professionals provide every patient with personalized care and attention. No two people are the same; even if you have the same condition as another patient, your medical history and health goals play a significant role in how your treatment plays out. We make it our goal to connect with each individual on a personal level.

Doctor Comforting
Elevating Patient Care.

We determine the best extended care option for our patients.

Our team is well-versed in the latest techniques in long term care.

We are determined to raise the standard of patient care.

Our facilities are constantly pursuing a higher level of service excellence.

We are always seeking strategic opportunities for growth within the industry.

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What Sets Us Apart

When people hear “long term acute care”, they tend to think of nursing homes or skilled nursing facilities. However, that is not at all what we are. We are a comprehensive healthcare provider with locations across the United States. We care for medically-complex patients who require an extended stay and additional medical attention. Our unique facilities have the ability to provide patients with services that typical acute care or general hospitals cannot offer. With an average length of stay for our patients of 25 days, we will get you back to better.

We are always innovating the healthcare experience and looking for new way to deliver high quality treatments. Regardless of your type of medical problem, our experienced and knowledgeable doctors can help you figure out the best options for moving forward.

Celebrating Our Patients' Success.

Read some of our patients' stories of their experience with the Vibra Healthcare team.

  • Baldomero H.

    Baldomero H.

    San Joaquin Valley Rehabilitation Hospital

    Baldomero Herebia enjoys the simple things in life. He is retired and has been a great source of support to his wife. He cooks, cleans and takes care of the up keeping of their home. “I love spending time with my family," Baldomero said. "I have a wonderful wife and kids along with grandkids and great-grandkids. Family means a lot to me.” One day, Baldomero’s life took a sudden change of course. He fell at home, injuring his spine. Baldomero wouldn't be the same again. “It was one of ... Read More

  • Gil


    Vibra Rehabilitation Hospital of Denver

    A non-traumatic spinal cord injury brought Gil to Vibra Rehabilitation Hospital of Denver. Gil had recently undergone surgery to remove a tumor pressing on his spinal column. This left him with poor trunk stability and limited movement of his lower extremities. Gil required intensive rehabilitation to regain his function and independence. When he arrived at Vibra, Gil needed a mechanical lift to help him transfer from his bed. He couldn't perform self-care tasks, relying on others for ... Read More

  • Mrs. Spicer

    Mrs. Spicer

    Southern Indiana Rehabilitation Hospital

    About 7:30 pm the night Mrs. Spicer suffered a stroke, she said goodnight to her husband and went to bed. Other than the headaches she'd been having the past few days, everything seemed normal. At 3:00 am, her husband woke up to find his wife on the bathroom floor. She was mumbling, in a weakened state, and confused. Though Mrs. Spicer has some memory loss, she recalls having trouble moving her leg and hand. Mrs. Spicer was airlifted from her local hospital to University of Louisville ... Read More

  • Ed


    Vibra Rehabilitation Hospital of Denver

    Whenever Ed had a spare moment, he loved to spend it working on cars. He enjoyed an independent, self-sufficient life. Then he slipped on ice and suffered a skull fracture and brain injury. To regain his independence, Ed came to Vibra Rehabilitation Hospital of Denver. Ed arrived at Vibra confused, agitated, and lethargic. He required total assistance with all tasks. The interdisciplinary team got right to work with Ed on an individualized rehabilitation plan. His plan included ... Read More

  • Carol D.

    Carol D.

    Vibra Rehabilitation Hospital of Rancho Mirage

    Carol Davis was less than two days into her dream job when the accident happened. Carol was the new house manager of a recovery home. The job had perks -- free rent, a paycheck, and four hours off in the afternoon she could spend writing -- but it meant so much more to Carol. "I try to change the world with my heart," Carol stated. The fall that happened twice That day, Carol tripped on a four-inch step at the house. In the fall, she fractured her pelvis. The paramedics came and ... Read More

  • Jack S.

    Jack S.

    Vibra Hospital of Northern California

    Jack Sarter arrived at Vibra Hospital of Northern California with a past troubled him. He had a long history of IV drug abuse and was mentally at the point of giving up. His health was poor, having been diagnosed with both sepsis and pneumonia. The road to recovery would be long and difficult. As soon as Jack admitted to Vibra, the entire team rallied around him. He began his stay requiring assistance with mobility and unable to perform self-care activities himself. But he worked hard ... Read More

  • Susan L.

    Susan L.

    Southern Kentucky Rehabilitation Hospital

    August 2018 was a pivotal point in Susan Lockwood's life. She had just been diagnosed with familial idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis, or familial IPF. This is a condition in which scar tissue forms inside the lungs, slowing the flow of oxygen into the blood. The restricted flow impacts a patient's ability to move and function. "Familial "means that the condition has affected other members of Susan's family. IPF affects less than 200,000 people annually in the U.S., and is considered a rare ... Read More

  • Phillip B.

    Phillip B.

    Highlands Rehabilitation Hospital

    One March day, Phillip (Phil) Banks, Sr. was involved in a high-speed motorcycle accident on Transmountain Road. He hit a retainer wall, sending the bike 200 feet across traffic. Phil was catapulted about ten feet into the air, spinning like a helicopter blade before hitting the side of the mountain, 50 feet away. The 51-year-old was transported to University Medical Center of El Paso. Phil admitted to UMC - El Paso's intensive care unit as a Level I trauma. Phil became hemodynamically ... Read More

  • Mattiya P.

    Mattiya P.

    Ballard Rehabilitation Hospital

    "Hi, my name is Mattiya Parker and I'm currently a patient at Ballard Rehabilitation Hospital . I was getting off of work one day and, unfortunately, I was the victim of a hit and run. I had a broken bone in my legs, I had broken my pelvis and my back, and they told me I wouldn't walk. I also had a fracture and a hemorrhage in my brain, but fortunately, they stabilized it and I had no damage. After about two weeks in the hospital, Ballard came by and told me I had been accepted and I was ... Read More

  • Katherine A.

    Katherine A.

    Ballard Rehabilitation Hospital

    Katherine (Katie) Armenta is an important person to a lot of people, especially her three sons. As a 29-year-old single mom, a lot of people depend on Katie. She lives with her mother and her boys, one eight-year-old and twin four-year-olds. Every day, Katie went about her life, surrounded by those she loved most. Then, one fateful August evening, everything changed. A toothache had been messing with Katie's ability to sleep at night. Katie's mother gave her some Aleve to help with the ... Read More

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With acute medical rehabilitation and long term acute care hospitals from coast to coast, Vibra Healthcare is uniquely qualified as a leader in the field of acute rehabilitation and long term acute care hospitalization.

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