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Since 2004, Vibra Healthcare has been helping patients all across the nation with their medical problems. We strive to provide all our patients with effective, personalized, and compassionate medical services. Our medical professionals are highly trained, extensively experienced, and exceedingly skilled at what they do. We work hard to ensure our patients get the high-quality, cost-effective medical services they need and deserve.

At Vibra Healthcare, we put patient experience and satisfaction first. We want to make sure you are happy and comfortable when you are in the care of our medical professionals. To help achieve that goal, we will answer all of your questions and address all of your concerns before proceeding forward with treatment. Our knowledgeable faculty and staff take the time to explain complex medical terms in easy to understand language so that you know why treatment is recommended and what it should accomplish.

Proficient & Personalized Medical Services

While our primary services revolve around long term acute care and inpatient rehabilitation, we offer a vast range of different healthcare options. These services vary from location to location, so please be sure to look at which of our hospitals is closest to you and which services we offer in that specific area.

Vibra Healthcare’s medical professionals provide every patient with personalized care and attention. No two people are the same; even if you have the same condition as another patient, your medical history and health goals play a significant role in how your treatment plays out. We make it our goal to connect with each individual on a personal level.

Doctor Comforting
Elevating Patient Care.

We determine the best extended care option for our patients.

Our team is well-versed in the latest techniques in long term care.

We are determined to raise the standard of patient care.

Our facilities are constantly pursuing a higher level of service excellence.

We are always seeking strategic opportunities for growth within the industry.

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What Sets Us Apart

When people hear “long term acute care”, they tend to think of nursing homes or skilled nursing facilities. However, that is not at all what we are. We are a comprehensive healthcare provider with locations across the United States. We care for medically-complex patients who require an extended stay and additional medical attention. Our unique facilities have the ability to provide patients with services that typical acute care or general hospitals cannot offer. With an average length of stay for our patients of 25 days, we will get you back to better.

We are always innovating the healthcare experience and looking for new way to deliver high quality treatments. Regardless of your type of medical problem, our experienced and knowledgeable doctors can help you figure out the best options for moving forward.

Celebrating Our Patients' Success.

Read some of our patients' stories of their experience with the Vibra Healthcare team.

  • Dawn L.

    Dawn L.

    Vibra Hospital of Fargo

    Dawn Lemieux came to Vibra Hospital of Fargo after an aspiration event led to cardiac arrest and respiratory failure. When Dawn arrived at Vibra, she required a ventilator to breathe and could not eat. Without assistance, Dawn could not move in bed nor stand or perform self-care activities. With the help of Vibra's interdisciplinary care team, Dawn made great progress in her recovery. The staff helped Dawn work through her anxiety of participating in therapy. Soon, she wanted from the ... Read More

  • Lane R.

    Lane R.

    Vibra Hospital of Central Dakotas

    The day of the accident started like any other day. Lane Rhoades, 22, woke up early and got himself ready for work. At 6 am he hopped into his old pickup truck and left his house. Lane grew up in that home and he worked hard to earn enough money to buy the house from his parents. On his way to work, Lane's truck was struck head-on by another vehicle. When emergency personnel arrived, they needed to use the jaws of life to extract Lane from the truck. Because his truck is older, it had no ... Read More

  • Deborah S.

    Deborah S.

    Vibra Hospital of Southeastern Michigan-Taylor Campus

    Before testing positive for COVID-19, Deborah Stockard was an active resident at Medilodge of Taylor. Each day she could be found participating in karaoke and bingo. But the virus took a heavy toll on Deborah. She suffered respiratory failure, requiring a ventilator to breathe and a feeding tube for nutrition. This brought her to Vibra Hospital of Southeastern Michigan - Taylor Campus . Admitted to Vibra's COVID unit, Deborah faced a long journey to recovery. As a result of being on the ... Read More

  • Ronald S.

    Ronald S.

    Vibra Hospital of Central Dakotas

    The past two years have been rough for Ronald Stotz. Ron spent a year in a skilled nursing facility and another in assisted living. Wounds that wouldn't heal were keeping him from returning home. That led him to Vibra Hospital of the Central Dakotas . "Wow, what a guy!" Ron's case manager at Vibra said. Ron is retired from the North Dakota State Penitentiary where he worked as a guard. He also served in the Vietnam war. "I want to go home and I want to go to the races and have a beer!" ... Read More

  • Steve L.

    Steve L.

    Vibra Rehabilitation Hospital of Denver

    A total knee replacement brought Steve Lovato to Vibra Rehabilitation Hospital of Denver . Increased pain and decreased range of motion made walking and everyday activities difficult. At the start of Steve’s rehab stay, he needed assistance getting dressed, standing, putting weight on his new knee, and walking. His biggest barrier to a safe return home was a full flight of stairs to his upstairs bedroom and bathroom. Steve was extremely motivated to progress through therapy. He gave each ... Read More

  • Grant P.

    Grant P.

    Ballard Rehabilitation Hospital

    "I was about a mile away from my house." It was Memorial Day, and 28-year-old Grant Pittman was driving home. A truck coming the other direction crossed over the center line and hit Grant head-on. Grant suffered multiple fractures and a large head laceration. "I wasn't wearing a seatbelt," Grant recalled. "I was driving--thank God there wasn't anyone else in the car--but when the car hit, I was actually transferred into the passenger seat. First responders had to extract Grant from his ... Read More

  • Deborah F.

    Deborah F.

    Vibra Hospital of Richmond

    Deborah Ford arrived at Vibra Hospital of Richmond facing a long road to recovery. Deborah had just been through a difficult hospitalization at Memorial Regional Medical Center. An abscess below Deborah's jaw first brought her to MRMC. After a surgical procedure on the abscess, Deborah faced a host of complications. These included septic shock, respiratory failure, acute kidney injury, and encephalopathy. A failed extubation led to a tracheostomy being placed. Deborah also required a PEG ... Read More

  • Luis B.

    Luis B.

    Highlands Rehabilitation Hospital

    Luis Balbuena suffered for years with swelling and stiffness in his left knee. The knee made prevented Luis from completing daily tasks and impacted his ability to sleep at night. He even required a walker to walk more than 25 yards. After conservative treatments failed to provide relief, Luis underwent a total knee replacement. After surgery, Luis was eager to start aggressive physical and occupational therapy. But when he arrived at Highlands Rehabilitation Hospital , Luis still had a ... Read More

  • Harold C.

    Harold C.

    Southern Indiana Rehabilitation Hospital

    Harold Crecelius considered himself a "pretty active, 65-year-old man." He enjoyed mowing the grass, playing on the tractor, and playing the drums and other percussion instruments. A diabetic, Harold said he's been "fooling with his foot for several years." His diabetes had led to neuropathy, including weakness and numbness. The significant nerve damage then led to a condition called Charcot foot . This condition causes weakening of the bones in the foot. After a while, Harold developed a ... Read More

  • Debbie D.

    Debbie D.

    Gateway Rehabilitation Hospital

    Debbie Dionne is a survivor. Feeling unwell, Debbie went to the hospital. She tested positive for COVID-19 and was immediately admitted. For nearly a month, Debbie required the use of a ventilator to breathe. The virus took a heavy toll on Debbie, leaving her in need of rehabilitation. Debbie chose Gateway Rehabilitation Hospital to help her regain her strength and independence. When she arrived, Debbie could not walk or even stand. Her muscles were so weak she required a mechanical lift ... Read More

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With acute medical rehabilitation and long term acute care hospitals from coast to coast, Vibra Healthcare is uniquely qualified as a leader in the field of acute rehabilitation and long term acute care hospitalization.

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