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Since 2004, Vibra Healthcare has been helping patients all across the nation with their medical problems. We strive to provide all our patients with effective, personalized, and compassionate medical services. Our medical professionals are highly trained, extensively experienced, and exceedingly skilled at what they do. We work hard to ensure our patients get the high-quality, cost-effective medical services they need and deserve.

At Vibra Healthcare, we put patient experience and satisfaction first. We want to make sure you are happy and comfortable when you are in the care of our medical professionals. To help achieve that goal, we will answer all of your questions and address all of your concerns before proceeding forward with treatment. Our knowledgeable faculty and staff take the time to explain complex medical terms in easy to understand language so that you know why treatment is recommended and what it should accomplish.

Proficient & Personalized Medical Services

While our primary services revolve around long term acute care and inpatient rehabilitation, we offer a vast range of different healthcare options. These services vary from location to location, so please be sure to look at which of our hospitals is closest to you and which services we offer in that specific area.

Vibra Healthcare’s medical professionals provide every patient with personalized care and attention. No two people are the same; even if you have the same condition as another patient, your medical history and health goals play a significant role in how your treatment plays out. We make it our goal to connect with each individual on a personal level.

Doctor Comforting

Elevating Patient Care.

We determine the best extended care option for our patients.

Our team is well-versed in the latest techniques in long term care.

We are determined to raise the standard of patient care.

Our facilities are constantly pursuing a higher level of service excellence.

We are always seeking strategic opportunities for growth within the industry.

Our Mission & Principles.

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What Sets Us Apart

When people hear “long term acute care”, they tend to think of nursing homes or skilled nursing facilities. However, that is not at all what we are. We are a comprehensive healthcare provider with locations across the United States. We care for medically-complex patients who require an extended stay and additional medical attention. Our unique facilities have the ability to provide patients with services that typical acute care or general hospitals cannot offer. With an average length of stay for our patients of 25 days, we will get you back to better.

We are always innovating the healthcare experience and looking for new way to deliver high quality treatments. Regardless of your type of medical problem, our experienced and knowledgeable doctors can help you figure out the best options for moving forward.

Celebrating Our Patients' Success.

Read some of our patients' stories of their experience with the Vibra Healthcare team.

  • Fadell C.

    Fadell C.

    Vibra Specialty Hospital at DeSoto

    Fadell Cox admitted to Vibra Specialty Hospital of DeSoto for IV antibiotics after suffering septic shock. When he arrived at Vibra, Fadell was unable to interact much and struggled with mobility. Before his hospitalization, Fadell lived at home with his wife. She would provide Fadell the encouragement he needed to work hard to recover. At first, Fadell could only tolerate skilled services three times per week. As time passed, his medical status stabilized and his alertness improved. This ... Read More

  • Dalena K.

    Dalena K.

    Vibra Hospital of Fort Wayne

    Dalena King admitted to a local hospital with respiratory failure, metabolic encephalopathy, and septic shock. She required intubation and a tracheostomy. Dalena chose Vibra Hospital of Fort Wayne for her recovery. Dalena arrived at Vibra extremely weak and tired of being hospitalized. She required total assistance with most activities of daily living. Dalena could not ambulate, nor could she speak or eat safely. Despite these daunting challenges, Dalena was determined to return home, and ... Read More

  • Jerry G.

    Jerry G.

    Gateway Rehabilitation Hospital

    "Don’t take your health for granted!” This is the piece of advice Jerry Gorman would like to pass along. Mr. Gorman admitted to the hospital after sudden onset of left-sided weakness and numbness. He was diagnosed with a stroke. Once in the hospital his symptoms became worse. Mr. Gorman began to have difficulty speaking and swallowing. To regain his function, Mr. Gorman chose Gateway Rehabilitation Hospital for intensive therapy. Before his stroke, Mr. Gorman was very independent and ... Read More

  • Kim H.

    Kim H.

    Vibra Hospital of Denver

    Kim Harmon had spent five months in the hospital. She required complex medical care, and Kim and her husband didn't expect her to ever walk again. Then she admitted to Vibra Hospital of Denver. Originally from Cheyenne, WY, Kim was determined to return home with her husband. But Kim would have to work hard to achieve the progress required to accomplish that goal. At Vibra, Kim required nutritional support, wound care, rehabilitation and pain control. She spent a lot of time working with ... Read More

  • David J.

    David J.

    Vibra Rehabilitation Hospital of Amarillo

    As a third-generation first responder, David Jones takes pride in his job as a volunteer fireman and as a city employee charged with maintaining the fire station, trucks and equipment. In fact, he hopes one day to have children who will continue the family tradition. However, a sudden illness put all of that in jeopardy. “One day I wasn’t feeling well and went home early. I didn’t think much of it,” the 29-year-old Jones remembers. By the next day he was unable to work and went to the ... Read More

  • Traci W.

    Traci W.

    Vibra Hospital of Denver

    Hospitalized for two months, Traci would need life-saving surgery very soon. But before undergoing surgery, she needed to regain her stability and strength. With complex medical issues, she required extended critical care. For that care, Traci chose Vibra Hospital of Denver. At Vibra, Traci would receive the close monitoring, critical nutritional support and wound care she required to heal. And from the moment Traci arrived, her care team got started on her recovery. Traci and her family ... Read More

  • Kelly U.

    Kelly U.

    Vibra Rehabilitation Hospital of Denver

    Kelly Underwood was born with spina bifida and has been wheelchair bound most of her life. Despite this she has been a very independent woman! Recently, Kelly underwent a below-the-knee amputation. Following amputation, Kelly admitted to Vibra Rehabilitation Hospital of Denver. On admission, Kelly required assistance with activities of daily living and transfers. She was also generally deconditioned from her illness. During Kelly's stay, she worked very hard with occupational and physical ... Read More

  • Walter L.

    Walter L.

    Vibra Specialty Hospital at DeSoto

    Recovering from triple bypass heart surgery is more than enough for a person. Unfortunately for Walter Lewis, he contracted an infection after surgery. He transferred to Vibra Specialty Hospital of DeSoto with the goal of returning home to his family. Before his hospitalization, Walter lived at home with his family. When he arrived at Vibra, Walter required assistance with bed mobility, transfers, toileting and dressing. Initially, he was only able to take a few steps with the aid of a ... Read More

  • Mr. Hosler

    Mr. Hosler

    Vibra Hospital of Denver

    Mr. William Hosler came to Vibra Hospital of Denver after suffering a major stroke. When admitted from University Hospital, he was not mobile, had respiratory failure and tube feeding. Mr. Hosler required extensive nursing care and physician treatment when he arrived at Vibra. He also needed physical, occupational, speech, and nutrition therapies. Today, Mr. Hosler feels much better physically. “It brings tears to my eyes,” he says, reflecting on his experience at Vibra. “Everyone is so ... Read More

  • Pam G.

    Pam G.

    Vibra Rehabilitation Hospital of Denver

    Suffering a spinal cord injury after a fall is devastating. Couple that with Cerebral Palsy and you may think that recovery would be impossible. But Pam Gordy is a fighter. When she arrived at Vibra Rehabilitation Hospital of Denver, Pam was barely able to move. She needed assistance just to get dressed. “When I first got here I didn’t think I would ever stand or walk again and I didn’t even think I could ever go home,” recalled Pam. Pam was persistent in pursuing her goal of gaining her ... Read More

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